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Your Autonomous

Steward is cutting-edge tech that transforms your existing tractor to operate autonomously.

Steward completes tasks safely and efficiently, anytime of day.

Say goodbye to long hours in the driver’s seat and hello to Steward, the autonomous, reliable operator of the future, today.

Field jobs made easy with Steward

  • Mowing
  • Roto-tilling
  • Rolling
  • Aerating
  • Seeding

Need Steward to do something else? Send us a feature request.

How does Steward work?

Once installed on your existing tractor, Steward gets the mundane work done without you needing to sit in the driver’s seat.

Steward’s advanced cameras, obstacle detection sensors, GNSS systems, and robotics pair with mobile and desktop applications, allowing for complete control and monitoring of your fields.

Work smarter, not harder

Get more done with less hands on deck

Get more done with less hands on deck

Run 24/7 without a driver

Run 24/7 without a driver

Save time

Save time

Decrease soil compaction

Decrease soil compaction

Reduce capital expenses

Reduce capital expenses

Use multiple tractors in one field

Use multiple tractors in one field

Steward’s Features

  • Object detection
  • Enforced geofences
  • Handheld killswitch
  • On-tractor emergency stops
  • Remote emergency stops
  • Onboard cameras
  • Real-time monitoring on mobile or desktop

Main Control Unit

Steward's main control unit connects to your tractor's steering and power systems. It also has an operating system, Vehicle OS (vOS), and Vehicle Path Finding Module (vPFM), which converts your field operations created in our mobile and desktop applications into instructions for Steward to execute.

Vision & Navigation

Antennas, a GNSS unit, obstacle detection sensors, and video cameras connect with Steward’s control unit, sending and receiving navigational and video data so you can monitor field operations in real-time.

Object detection sensors mounted to the front of your tractor ensures Steward operates safely, responding to unexpected objects or obstructions in your field.

Manage & monitor your autonomous fleet from any device

Sabanto’s Vehicle Mission Control (vMC) is Steward’s app where you create, manage, and monitor field operations. With vMC, you map out where Steward should go, how fast it should move, and what obstacles to avoid.

Create a Job to define workable and non-workable zones in your field

Select the tractor and implement needed, and create a coverage plan.

Create a Mission to generate turn-by-turn paths for Steward to follow

Missions separate jobs into smaller steps. Multiple missions can be run simultaneously by different tractors within a job.

Run a Mission to perform your field operations

Monitor your missions from any device in real-time, and get alerts about unexpected objects in your field. You’re always aware and in control.

Who is Sabanto Steward for?

Steward is for anyone looking for technology to automate their operations and reduce time spent on mundane tasks.

Increase productivity, reduce labor woes, decrease capital expenses, and run a more sustainable and profitable business. Let Steward handle the mundane tasks so you can focus on other important aspects of your operation.

Sabanto Steward is available from select dealers across the USA and Canada.

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